The Assets You May Not Realize That You Have

When it comes to getting into a new or used car in North Texas, East Texas and Southern Oklahoma, there are many people who get rejected for financing at their local auto dealerships.  Many of these dealerships only offer a few forms of financing, and if you don’t fit their pre-defined parameters then you may get rejected for any form of new or used car loan.

This primarily happens when dealing with issues related to your credit.  Some of the situations include:

  • bad credit rating
  • reestablishing your individual credit rating after a divorce
  • impact to your credit rating which has not yet been cleaned up after an incident like identity theft
  • you are considered a “new credit” risk due to establishing credit for the first time such as if became a U.S. Citizen in recent months
  • many other credit-related situations

If you get rejected for a loan from your local dealer then know that there are other options, some of which actually could prove to be a better solution for you in the long run.  This is because there are auto dealers who have access to dozens more financing options than regular local auto dealership financing divisions.  Their access may benefit you if you bring other “assets” to the deal, some of which you may not even realize that you have.

The Assets Which Can Help You Get A New Or Used Car If Rejected For A Loan

Here are some of the “assets” you may possess which can help your situation:

  • Obviously, if you have the ability to put money down then that helps your situation
  • Having the option of a co-signer on the loan whose credit rating is solid
  • Length of job history, especially if you have been at your job for 2 or more years
  • Length of staying at the same address and paying rent or mortgage on time for 2+ years
  • Proving that your credit rating has shown improvement in recent months
  • No “repos” of previous cars or trucks you have owned
  • Consistent on-time payments on your credit card
  • If you have student loans, proving that your payment history is in good standing
  • Equity in your current car and/or the ability to trade-in a paid-off vehicle with a clean title


Additionally, if you plan to drive less than a certain mileage each year then you also may open up the possibility of a leasing option.  This would give you significant more flexibility to get into a new or used car than just the option of financing an auto purchase.

For help on your specific situation, and the opportunity to discover what assets you have to help you get into a new or used vehicle, you are welcome to fill in the information at this link:


Your information will be sent to a dealer serving Dallas Fort Worth, North Texas, East Texas and Southern Oklahoma.  The dealer also may have options to help you if you live outside of that region – depending on your specific situation.